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Professional Drainage Repair & Installation Services in Decatur, IL, and The Surrounding Areas

At Deano’s Backhoe Service, we offer a wide range of drainage repair and installation services for central Illinois residents. Our goal is to ensure that your drainage system remains free of blockages and cracks to maintain the quality of your lifestyle. For over 40 years we have been performing drainage engineering services on all kinds of properties including residential, commercial, and agricultural lots. We know firsthand how important your drains are to the disposing and breaking down of your wastewater. If you are noticing changes in your plumbing system such as a decrease in water pressure, frequent clogs, or a foul smell coming from your drains, it may be time to call the professionals at Deano’s Backhoe Service for expert drain care.

Let us provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your drainage system. Call us today to receive a free estimate on all your drain repair and installation services!

field surface drainage

Surface Drainage

Living in a rural area, you know that surface drainage is essential to the protection of your home and property during a large rainstorm. While we understand how easy it can be to forget to check on these drains, doing so is essential to the safety of your fields. Oftentimes surface drains can become clogged with field debris, grass, tree roots, and even fallen crops, preventing water from draining into the sewer system and instead backflowing into your fields and potentially ruining your land and crops.

If you notice that the surface drains around your property are not removing water, our experts at Deano’s Backhoe Service are here to help! With over 40 years of experience handling field drainage issues of all sizes, we have the expertise to identify the problem and solve it fast and efficiently. Call our friendly staff today for a free estimate on our surface drainage services.

Field Tile Installation & Repair

If you own an agricultural property, then you know how important a field tile plumbing system is to the safety of your crops and land. Field tile drainage systems are an intricate plumbing system installed below the soil to remove an excess water that could potentially destroy crops after a heavy storm. If your suspect that there are issues with your field tile drainage system, the experts at Deano’s Backhoe Service are here to provide repair services to get ensure the protection of your land.

With modern machinery and a passion for quality service, our certified technicians are here to restore your fractures field tile fast, efficiently, and within your budget. Call now for a free estimate on all of our drainage services.

field tile repair
agricultural terrace repair

Terrace Repair

Are you tired of dealing with soil erosion and flooded fields due to heavy rains on your agricultural land? Investing in a terrace is a great way to provide water and soil management for your fields to eliminate the destruction of crops soil erosion. At Deano’s Backhoe Service, we specialize in repairing faulty land terraces to ensure the flow of your underground water system is functioning properly.

Many terraces are built to last up to 10 years’ worth of heavy storms without needing repair, however, structural issues are always possible. In the event your terrace has overtopped, call our expert contractors today for free estimates on all of our drainage services.